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Environmental Considerations

Taylor Bay is a community with a community Beach close to the south end of Key Peninsula.  The community was established in the 60’s and is comprised of approximately 150 homes, half of which are occupied part-time. 

In terms of environmental compliance-related issues we are not only concerned, we are actively engaged and are working with key government agencies and private contractors to ensure routine environmental issues are resolved safely and effectively with special consideration of our unique environment.

What sets us apart from other communities is that we are actively working with key government agencies, members of our community, and professional contractors to ensure our continued community operations consider and maintain the delicate balance of nature and people that is a part of any waterfront community.  As an example, we recently implemented and replaced our waterfront bulkhead based on the assessments and recommendations of numerous environmentally related government agencies.  We believe our careful implemented bulkhead effectively minimized our environmental impact on Puget Sound, which was a desired community concern. We enjoy being a part of the great northwest and want to retain our community and the environment for many future generations. 

Currently environmental contract experts are assessing our treatment plant with a long-term approach.  As alternatives are assessed, the environment will be a primary consideration during the evaluation of alternatives. 

Our community has existed along Puget Sound for decades and our commitment to ensuring a vibrant and responsible community is key to our continued success.